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Here we go...!

I'm not sure about you, but when I think “Blog” it conjures up an image of a witty, well written life encomium, perfectly punctuated by delightful photos of tea and cozy blankets, with a beautiful,(and spotless),home,or studio,in the background. Fresh flowers, usually pink, hovering on the edges of the photos.
That image of restful perfection has kept me from blogging!
Today, in a fit of “ I will cross off my list all things that creep into my mind at 3 o'clock in the morning on a recurring basis” , I am here, typing.
No flowers, no tea, no cozy blanket.
I am tucked awkwardly next to a china cabinet waiting for wax, and some shelf pieces strewn about waiting for paint, a lukewarm diet coke balanced precariously on my paint covered knee. Yep, keeping it real.
This is my “behind the scenes”.

This is my first blog post.
I want to introduce me, and us, and Whimsical Vintage Creations.

When chatting with moms who say “ I am a stay at home mom”, I get excited and say “ Me too!” (Which is inevitably met by a raised eyebrow and a look that clearly says “Yeah, right...”)
I was, I am... that is probably what I identify with the most. I am an at home, homeschooling , mom to 5, Grandma to 2, who happens to also own a business. I am Kyla. I own and run Whimsical Vintage Creations.
I do the design consults, teach most of the classes and do a great deal of painting.

I don't regularly work at the store. Kendra works the store. She is my second of 5 girls. Somehow, while surviving the homeschooling years, the teenage years, the moving out and getting her own life years, we discovered that we LOVE the same things. Pretty, vintage, creative things.
She is the store manager and true shop keeper.
We have grown to have several wonderful employees that keep up with our many demands.

The store is located in Stony Plain, Alberta. If you haven't been to Stony, you should. Fantastic little boutique shops, antiques, museum, murals...It was the perfect place for us to open. It is known as “The town with the painted past”...Yep, pretty perfect.

Speaking of paint, we sell it, lots of it. 80+ colours of THE BEST PAINT I COULD FIND . And I looked. Hard. Heirloom Traditions Paint and Vintiques Paint are a huge part of our business. We handle distribution for Western Canada as well as retailing it ourselves.
(I will sing its praises in great detail in future posts!)

This website has been a huge undertaking, tackled by my oldest daughter,Emma , while juggling her nursing baby and keeping tabs on her busy three year old.
It will allow for online ordering. Yay! And eventually will have all signs and the remaining paint products added.
(Our goal was to get it up and running quickly after a series of unfortunate events had our last website accidentally deleted...)

Also on our site are the links to our wonderful vendors. We are absolutely blessed and honored to have such an amazing group of creators choose to sell in our store. A bit about them and their links are under the Vendors tab.

I am excited to have a way to share the quirky behind the scenes events,tutorials, product info and in general all the things I wish I could share with you, our customers and friends. I welcome feedback, questions, stories, pictures and in general anything you wish you could share with us!

If you made it this far, Thanks for reading!


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  • So eager to read on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing.

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